4-Hour Virtual Consulting Package


Get 4 hours of phone consulting time in a discounted package, to be used within a maximum 12 month period of time.

NOTE: Phone consulting time is paid in advance and is scheduled and used in a minimum of 30-minute increments of time. Phone consulting can be purchased by the hour at $350 per hour.



Virtual consulting takes place directly with Doris Sims, SPHR, international talent benchstrength consultant, speaker and author of three talent-succession management books. Virtual consulting can take place by phone, or using Go To Meeting. Use this virtual consulting package to…

  • Review your current Talent Review-Succession strategy, tools, communications, processes and metrics to identify strengths and ideas to improve results, accountability and consistency

  • Assist you as you plan and implement a new Talent Benchstrength-Succession strategy, tools, metrics, communications and procedures

  • Help you create internal customized talent-succession communication and training materials for your business leaders and for your HR team (typically used in conjunction with an intellectual property license to the book/presentation content authored by Doris Sims)

  • Have time available to “bounce ideas” off of Doris to obtain feedback, ideas and advice

NOTE: More than 4-hours of time may be needed to review your Talent-Succession programs depending on a variety of factors such as your company size, complexity, etc.


  • The 4 hours can be used in a minimum of 1 hour increments.

  • The 4 hours must be scheduled with Doris within a maximum 12-month time period.

  • No refunds are provided for unused hours.

  • Doris Sims is happy to sign your organization’s Non-Disclosure document to ensure your company’s privacy and protection as we will review your organization’s talent strategy.

Doris will contact you to schedule your first session. If you have questions about this consulting, contact doris@talenbenchstrength.com or 214-906-3155.