Customer Testimonials

Doris Sims Spies is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients in a variety of industries overcome the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

2022 Talent Review-Succession Webinar Participant
Whether you are just beginning to formulate a talent strategy or you are seasoned in conducting Talent Reviews (or anywhere in between!), this webinar has something for you! The webinar is full of useful templates, tools, and resources to meet you wherever you are and guide you through your Talent strategy. Doris is an engaging presenter and relates the content to real-world challenges. She approaches the content from a practitioner’s standpoint rather than from a purely academic one. Refreshing! This webinar was a well-spent 8-hour investment. Treat yourself to this webinar. You won’t be disappointed.
Norma Ondarza
HR Business Partner - Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth
Doris’ style and energy kept my attention literally the whole time. No brain vacations for me.

Feb. 2020 Live Workshop Participant

E-Learning Platform Subscriber
SVP - People and Culture
The Talent Benchstrength E-Learning curriculum outlines an approach for any size organization. It provides a flexible framework to develop your strategy, identify success measures, build a plan and practical steps to execute on that plan. The unique 9-box approach focuses on employee engagement and development at all levels of the organization rather than focusing on just high potentials.
Elise Rokisky
2020 Talent Review-Succession Webinar Participant
Doris’s class gave me the language and confidence to be able to make the business case for why talent risk management is a real asset to any organization.
Mario Stresow
Director of Talent Management & Total Rewards - Guidestone
I’ve been involved with Talent Management tools and practices for over fifteen years with various Fortune 100 companies. Figuring it was time to reassess whether there was anything else I could learn to supplement our current succession planning process, I attended Doris’ Talent Review-Succession seminar. I was pleasantly surprised with what I encountered. Not only did I find a treasure trove of resources, the seminar actually led to significant changes in how we approach talent reviews and succession planning. I highly recommend this seminar for anyone desiring to elevate their current succession planning and high potential development practices.
Michelle Harris
UC Davis Health
This was probably the best training I have ever attended. Your attention to detail, materials, and ability to present in a reachable manor far exceeded my expectations. You were engaging, informative, and real. I would recommend this course to anyone in HR regardless of the size of your company. Succession planning is key to my success as an HR Business Partner with UC Davis Health and I am grateful for the empowerment I feel and skills I acquired as a participant in your course. I look forward to implementing what I learned in my department and now have the confidence and tools I need to demonstrate the value of Succession Planning with our Executive Leaders and get a great strategy in place. Thank you for sharing your craft, you are truly gifted at what you do!
Tiffany White
Sr. Organizational Design & Development Consultant - General Motors Financial
Doris facilitates great workshops! Having just gone through implementing our company’s Talent Benchstrength strategy, it was refreshing and insightful to hear her talk through the steps, 1 by 1. It was also helpful in formulating ideas and suggested tweaks we could do to make our delivery of talent reviews even better in years to come! Many facilitators I’ve had before have been self-promoting and egotistical about their intellectual property, yet Doris is incredibly focused on not only helping others logistically pull together talent review meetings, but also developing into confident facilitators. Her patience and instruction were beyond measure!
Michael Shipman
VP Talent Development - Rockland Trust
I recommend the Talent Review-Succession Strategy Seminar to talent professionals looking to either introduce a talent strategy or take what you have to the next level. Doris has a unique perspective on the topic and generously shares her wealth of knowledge.
Barb Astler
Doris is the foremost expert in creating true development of talent and maximization of that talent that inspires engagement of people. If you want to learn about excellent tools for building a top performer organization, this course and her materials deliver.
Anne Sandberg
Managing Partner - Harrison Assessments
I learned a lot from Doris in this workshop, despite many years of experience in the OD and HR worlds. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who seeks to assist business leaders in workforce planning.

Feb. 2020 Live Workshop Participant

2020 Talent Review-Succession Webinar Participant
I really enjoyed the course and was shocked I actually learned something new within the first 10 minutes! The 2-day course was packed with great information. Doris is very knowledgeable and passionate and that shows in her teachings.
2020 Talent Review-Succession Webinar Participant
Doris has created a great guide for any HR professional to be able to understand and implement a Talent BenchStrength process that will succeed at any company.
Scotty Lombardi
Hunter Industries Inc.
Doris is a subject matter expert in Talent Review & Succession Planning Management. Her rich experience, combined with her consultative mindset, makes Doris a trusted resource to ‘students’ in her workshops and a valuable partner to any organization in enhancing their talent management strategy.
Valéria Hill
People Development Processes - SKF Group
Very practical and valuable information, the content goes from high level strategy of Talent Management and Succession down to practical details. A great opportunity to exchange experiences with other HR professionals and to expand the network.
Arlene Piskor
Erie Insurance Group, Erie, PA
Doris is a great facilitator and has deep knowledge of Talent Management practices in a variety of industries. I recommend her highly.
Delta Emerson
Doris is clearly a go-to succession, talent bench-strength expert. She has developed a program, process, and materials that go beyond the philosophical approach so often offered. She equips those who attend her workshop with everything they need to apply what they learn in a meaningful way, and she stands ready to support as needed. Her goal is to teach people to become self-sufficient.
Russ Hall
First Interstate Bank
The practical application of this seminar far exceeded by expectations. I was delighted to see that the tools and processes that Doris shared and taught had applicability far beyond the talent review/succession planning process; but could be used as resources for ongoing development and coaching for our managers.
Adebayo Akinloye
Learning and Talent Development Manager - DAL Group – North Africa
The content provided in Doris’ Talent Review-Succession Workshop is very detailed and practical, and connects every aspect of talent management. Doris’ experience in the world of talent management added lots of value to her facilitation of the workshop. I feel this is a must attend program for any talent management professional seeking to add value to their own personal career and to their organization.
Dr. Glen B. Earl
Doris Sims Spies is a true master of talent reviews and succession planning. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her to any person, whom, and any organization that, is serious about using best practice and evidence based methodology for succession planning. The best part for me, is that I now have a solid system, structure and process to implement into my organization. The two days were enjoyable, and evenly balanced between gaining information and engaging in group activities. Finally, she had numerous handouts, books, workbooks, etc. for you to use and take back to your job.
Amy Jones
SPHR - CTI Group, Inc.
I would highly recommend Doris Sims Spies’ Succession Planning Workshop to any HR practitioner who is contemplating implementing any type of Succession Planning at his/her organization. The class is well designed, full of content and practical application. I have been to seminars which are far more expensive and walked away less prepared. Doris does a tremendous job!