Intellectual Property License for your Talent Review-Succession Toolkit


Now is a good time to document your Talent Review-Succession strategy, criteria, processes and tools in a Talent Toolkit. A Talent Toolkit increases consistency, and can be used as a training and reference guide for managers and for your HR team! Contact us today to discuss pricing and options!

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Why “re-create the wheel” as you prepare to communicate your talent and succession strategy to your business leaders and to your HR team?

A Talent Toolkit will increase consistency and accountability in your talent management processes, and provides documentation of your criteria and strategy for internal training and external audits.

Purchase a license to the book content and/or coordinating PowerPoint slides to the books and documents authored by Doris Sims Spies as shown below.

Once a license is purchased, the content can be customized and used for your own internal communication and training materials, Intranet web site content, e-learning content, and PowerPoint presentations for both business leaders and HR professionals in your organization, for an indefinite period of time, for a one-time fee. You have the option to customize the content yourself or you can purchase customization services to save you time! Licenses are available for:

  1. The 30-Minute Guide to Talent and Succession Management (published book and/or coordinating PowerPoint slides)
  2. The Talent Review Meeting Facilitator Guide (published book and/or coordinating PowerPoint slides)
  3. The Executive Talent Management and Succession Guide (Workbook for Leaders – Includes 9-Box The Talent Benchstrength® Exercise)

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