Bullseye Talent Benchstrength System


Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Bullseye Engagement organization to create the Talent Benchstrength Web-Based Solution, which incorporates the tools, templates and terms that Doris Sims Spies teaches in her popular workshop and uses in her consulting work!




Click on each common problem in the Talent Review-Succession process to see how the Bullseye Online System provides a solution to that problem:

We are sending confidential talent review-succession documents as email attachments which can be forwarded to the wrong person!

The Talent Benchstrength Solution (TBS) enables you to establish screen and field security settings for each user—no more sending highly confidential documents as email attachments!

Scheduling Talent Review meetings is so difficult!

The TBS enables you to set up talent review meeting attendees, the names of talent to be reviewed, meeting logistics and the preparation to be completed prior to talent review meeting.

It is a challenge for the managers to complete talent review preparation work on time prior to the talent review meeting!

The TBS enables the HR professional to establish and track online templates to be completed by managers prior to the talent review meeting. The HR professional can view the status of preparation work completion, and automated reminders can be set up to send email prompts to managers, saving the HR professional significant time and increasing talent review preparation follow-through.

I currently have to track succession plans on multiple spreadsheets, and I can’t keep up with the organizational and succession plan changes!

The TBS provides an “org chart” style of succession planning which can be tied to your HRIS, so that changes are managed automatically. Succession plans and profile changes can be made by anyone with the correct security access, saving time for the HR professional.

I like Doris Sims Spies’ succession planning processes for Qualified and Future-Gap Successors, but no system aligns with this approach!

The TBS includes Doris Sims Spies’ succession terms, practices and processes, as well as the Talent Benchstrength 9-Box Guide, a practical tool that reduces common problems with the traditional 9-Box chart.

I can’t provide the talent review-succession metrics that would show our ROI because I need automated reporting tools.

The TBS provides automated reports showing leaders with no successor candidates, successors who are identified for multiple succession roles, successors with a high vacancy risk and more!

I need an automated tool to show high vacancy risk and high impact employees to help us follow through on retention action plans!

The TBS includes a Vacancy Risk – Business Impact online assessment tool and a matrix chart to show the results. Additionally, automated reports are available listing High Vacancy Risk employees, and the succession org chart also shows successors with high vacancy risk.

I need a way to track succession development actions ensure follow-through during the year!

The TBS includes development action “check-in” functionality, allowing managers and employees to record development action progress, and for HR professionals to review and track progress.

I don’t have a way for employees to create and update their own Talent Profiles and career interests!

The TBS includes fully customizable Talent Profiles which can be completed by employees, leaders, or HR professionals, and it includes Doris Spies’ Career Discussion template to facilitate manager-employee career discussions and relocation interests.